About us

Since 2015...

...Surface Protector Asia Pte Ltd (SPA) has delivered a technically advanced and effective fiber protection systems from Norway. Our flagship product, SPA Fiber ProTector, is most commonly used on carpets and upholstery (new and used) in high traffic areas, such as hotels, cinemas, airports, aircrafts, cruise ships, offices, and other public places.

Nixon Yesu

Operations Director with 14 years of specialized experience in expert professional cleaning of aircraft interiors and exteriors.

Contact Information
M +65 8660 9600
E ny@surfaceprotectorasia.com

Lee Jian Ming

Expert in the field of aircraft appearance maintenance having held various operational and management roles for the past 15 years.

Contact Information
M +65 9620 1745
E jml@surfaceprotectorasia.com

Christina Krogh

Danish entrepreneur with 6 years of experience being a serial entrepreneur prior to becoming Co-Founder and Director of SPA

Contact information
M +65 8189 6096
E cjk@surfaceprotectorasia.com